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Prayer for a Pandemic
May we who are merely inconvenienced Remember those whose lives are at stake. May we who have no risk factors Remember those most vulnerable. May we ...
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Who Was Saint Vincent de Paul?
Many people wonder why this society founded by Frederic Ozanam was named after Saint Vincent de Paul. Who was Vincent? This article may shed ...
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Elevator Inspiration
I’ve spent way too much time in the critical care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital lately. My dad suffered a massive cardiac arrest and ...
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New Home for SVDP Food Pantry
Please join us as we share the exciting progress on our new home with the backbone of St. Vincent De Paul, you, our volunteers! Tuesday, ...
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Eastern Illinois Foodbank Food Mobile
The Eastern Illinois Foodbank will be offering Food Mobile, a mobile food pantry in which free food and groceries are distributed to low-income individuals, ...
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New Website!
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul - St. Brigid Conference now has a new website, and we’re excited to share it with you! ...
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So Many Ways to Help in Bloomington Normal!
As volunteers who perform home visits, we have the distinct privilege of learning about the many, many needs that our neighbors have. Food for ...
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Meet St. Brigid
As you may know our chapter is named after the lovely Saint Brigid of Ireland. Born in 451, Brigid is celebrated for her generosity ...
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