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Service to the Poor

We help people in the community who are having trouble with their bills, particularly with rent and utility payments. There are many reasons why they may find themselves in this place. Our role is to listen, comfort, and help—not to judge others or their situation. Our first priority is to ensure that our Friends in Need know that we are here to help.

Our process has been refined over the years, but still remains quite simple. Our Friends in Need call us and provide basic information. If it’s determined that we can help, two volunteers are called to visit them personally and learn more about them and their situation. We verify needs, call landlords and/or utility companies, and confirm if we have adequate funds to assist. If so, we request checks from our volunteer treasurer and send them directly to the landlord or utility provider. We offer lists of local resources, often discuss food pantry locations, and encourage everyone to always remember the importance of a good support network from family, friends, and church congregations. Sometimes we pray with our Friends in Need, other times we pray for them. Either way, God is always present.

Monthly, our volunteers take a collection after masses held at St. Patrick Church of Merna in Bloomington and St. Mary Church in Downs; this funds the majority of our work and enables us to serve. Volunteers man the phones, coordinate volunteers, host meetings, and try to find new ways to serve our continuously growing population. We welcome you to learn more about our mission, our impact, and how you can become a volunteer.


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