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Request Help

If you find yourself without the means to pay for rent or utility bills, we may be able to help you. Please review the following guidelines to determine if your need may be a match for our services.

  • We typically offer assistance to help with utility bills or rent payments.
  • As a charitable organization, we are not in a position to provide assistance on a regular basis.
  • We must have a valid Driver’s License or State Identification card; you will need to have this available.
  • If you are requesting help with your rent, you must have a written rental agreement or lease in place that we can review.
  • If you are requesting help with utility bills, we must have your account number for the utility; it’s helpful to see a recent bill or statement.


Here is how it works:

  • Call our main phone number: 309-264-5815.  We are available to take calls Monday - Thursday.
  • You will be asked general questions (name, address, phone, family members) and to tell us a little about your situation (what is your need?).
  • When we do not have funds available to help, the answering machine will handle calls. If you get this, we encourage you to try back weekly.
  • We will call you and when we have taken your information, a team of two volunteers will be assigned to help. They will contact you to schedule a time for a home visit.
  • The team will visit and talk with you about your needs. They will request to see a Driver’s License or State Identification card, a lease or rental agreement, and/or utility bills –based upon your requests.
  • We will ask questions about you, your family, your income, your employment, and your situation.
  • You will be asked to sign an information release form, so we can contact your landlord and/or utility provider(s).
  • We will always verify the situation and the need with landlords and utility providers; all information must clearly indicate a valid living situation and need.
  • Once a need has been verified, we determine if funds are available, and if so, pledge these funds to landlords and/or utility providers.
  • Checks are requested and sent directly to either landlords or utility providers.


This process is handled in a timely fashion, and many times within days of a home visit. Every situation is different and we appreciate the opportunity to help you during your time of need. If you have any questions, or need to reach out to your volunteer, please call our main number 309-264-5815.  Thank you!

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